Leadership and Peacemaking: A Course For Young Adults by Christine Heaton

Hi all! This post is the syllabus for an upcoming course I’m offering:

Leadership and Peacemaking for Young Adults (13-18 yrs. old)

July 6-31, 2015

Mentor: Christine Heaton

Phone 435-714-9240

Email cmheatonllc@gmail.com

Blog thetransienttutor.wordpress.com

About the mentor

Christine attended Brigham Young University’s college of arts and communications. She has worked for the North Carolina Outward Bound School, one of the nation’s foremost schools for leadership and peacemaking. Christine writes a blog about education and learning, especially learning differences and disabilities. She also tutors children in need of academic therapy due to dyslexia and other print disabilities. She is the seventh of eight children, and has 16 nieces and nephews.

Course outcomes

You will come away from this course better-equipped to deal with struggles in ALL of your relationships. You will also feel more empowered to solve conflicts and be a force for peace. You will begin to become more self-aware and more accountable for yourself and your actions (or lack of action). As a result, you will be better able to make (and keep) friends, heal family relationships, and gain confidence as a leader that others want to follow.

Course overview

Welcome! In this course, you will have your mind blown by powerful literature and discussion. It will take place over four weeks in July, with meetings Monday and Friday 9:00 am-noon (except Fri. The 24th), and Wednesday noon-2:00 pm. Class begins Monday the 6th. There are five required reading books in this course that you and I must read/listen to, using Kindle and Audible technology. We will also watch two films, and create a personal narrative or public service announcement using iPads and other technology.

This is a graded course, but you will give yourself the grade. Each week you will rate your efforts for that week, relative to your efforts the previous week, assigning yourself an A, B, C, D, or F. At the end of the course, we will hold a celebration/film festival to which you may invite family members and/or close friends. At the festival we will view the PSAs and personal narratives you’ve created.

Money stuff

Tuition for the course is $325

$80 of which is a refundable Kindle deposit that will be returned to you upon the safe return of the Kindle that will be issued to you at the start of the course.

There will be no refunds for early termination of the course, on your part, nor pro ratings/refunds for missed classes.

Tech stuff

The first day of class, you will be issued a Kindle, a charging cord, and a Kindle sleeve. These are entrusted to you as tools for learning and should be treated with prudence and respect. There will be no print books in this course. It is understood that these items will be returned at the end of the course in the same condition they were issued in. Your $80 deposit WILL NOT be returned if these items are in any way damaged or inoperable. If you own a Kindle, you are welcome to use your own, if you choose.

My expectations for you

-Arrive on time and in learning mode

-Bring water and snacks

-Be prepared with discussion topics, questions, and notes or drawings from your reading, and topics for your student-led discussion

-Do ALL of the reading/listening


-Solve problems
Your expectations of me

To be determined by class
I have total faith and confidence that you can meet these HIGH expectations, and will never insult you by lowering them.

I do, however, take into consideration your learning differences, and expect you to self-advocate for accommodations that help you meet the HIGH expectations.

Reading list

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Course schedule

Monday, July 6, 9:00 am-noon 

Welcome and Get-To-Know-You (20 minutes)

Discussion of course expectations (20 minutes)

Kindle and Audible issue and instructions (30 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Begin reading How To Win Friends and Influence People (30 minutes)

Define unfamiliar terms: Christine (30 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Continue reading HTWFandIP (30 minutes)

Discussion and role play (25 minutes)

Wrap up and assign student-led discussion days (5 minutes)

Reading to be completed before next class: Parts 1 & 2

Wednesday, July 8, noon-2:00 pm 

Follow up on last class (5 minutes)

Chart of useful terms and phrases to keep discussion flowing (20 minutes)

Student-led discussion: TBA (40 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Continue reading HTWFandIP (20 minutes)

Discussion and role play (20 minutes)

Wrap up (10 minutes)

Reading to be completed before next class: Parts 3 & 4
Friday, July 10, 9:00am-noon 
Recap from last class (5 minutes)

Student-led discussion and define unfamiliar terms: TBA (20 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Guest speaker TBA (60 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Discussion and HTWFandIP wrap-up (20 minutes)

Begin reading Siblings Without Rivalry (30 minutes)

Student-led discussion and role play: TBA (30 minutes)

Wrap-up and assign reading/self grade (5 minutes)

Reading to be completed by next class: Part 1 Brothers and Sisters Past and Present-Part 4 Equal Is Less

Monday, July 13

Recap last class (10 mins)

Student-led discussion from SWR: TBA (30 minutes)

Role play (30 minutes)

Break (5 mins)

Read/Discuss from SWR (60 minutes)

Wrap up SWR (45 minutes)

Reading/listening at home: Begin A Little Princess chapters 1-8

Wednesday, July 15 noon-2:00 pm

Recap last class (5 minutes)

Student-led discussion/unfamiliar terms: TBA ALP (30 minutes)

Continue reading ALP (20 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Guest speaker: TBA (55 minutes)

Wrap-up and assign reading

Reading/listening at home: finish ALP

Friday, July 17

Recap last class (10 minutes)

Student-led discussion of ALP: TBA (30 minutes)

Begin reading The Anatomy of Peace (20 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Discuss unfamiliar terms (20 minutes)

Continue reading AOP (30 minutes)

Guest speaker: TBA (50 minutes)

Wrap-up and assign reading, heads up on videos (10 minutes)

Reading/listening at home: Anatomy of Peace thru Helping Things Go Right

Monday, July 20, 9:00 am-noon

Recap last class (5 minutes)

Brainstorm videos (60 minutes)

Break (10 minutes)

Student-led discussion: TBA (30 minutes)

Continue reading AOP (20 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Discuss/define (25 minutes)

Storyboard videos (20 minutes)

Wrap-up/assign reading (5 minutes)

Home reading/listening: AOP thru TBA

Wednesday, July 22 noon to 2:00 pm

Recap last class (5 minutes)

Student-led discussion: TBA (30 minutes)

Continue reading AOP (25 minutes)

Break (5 minutes)

Student-led discussion: TBA (30 minutes)

Finish reading AOP (25 minutes)

Wrap-up (5 minutes)

Reading/listening at home: Ender’s Game chapters 1-15

Friday, July 24


Monday, July 27, 9:00 am-noon

Collect footage

Begin editing

Wednesday, July 29 noon-2:00 pm


Friday, July 31, 9:00 am-noon

Film festival

After party and course wind-up (dress: semi formal)

By signing below, you acknowledge you have received and read this syllabus, and agree to its terms